A BDC Program to Create Storage Bin Locations for a new Warehouse

Warehouse Storage Bins

During the implementation phase to bring up a new warehouse, a major part of the project is to get the warehouse storage bins organized and created in SAP. Since most warehouses today can be of considerable size, creating all of the storage bins can become a significant project all by itself.

The BDC Program Solution

To simplify and speed up the process of creating all of the storage bins, I have written a simple BDC program that can be used to create a list of storage bins imported from an external text file using transaction code LS01N – Create Storage Bins.

Create an Excel Data File

First you need to create an Excel data file which contains the following storage bin information as shown in the following colums below. Save this file as your original Excel data file.

 Excel Import File - Showing data format required to create storage bin locations

Creating the Text Import File

Next, use the Save-As option in Excel to save a copy of your data as a Text File with a .TXT extension. Open the Text File using NotePad and delete the column descriptions. Save the Text file again to save the changes. The resulting file will look something like the text file below.

 Text file format required for BDC program to create storage bin locations

Running the BDC Program

Use transaction code SE38 and enter the program name ZBDC_LS01N. The following screen will appear. The BDC program can create an SM35 batch session or it can be run as a call transaction. Either way, the program will prompt you to select the Text File containing the Storage Bin information that you created in the previous steps.

BDC Program: ZBDC_LS01N – Create Storage Bins for the Warehouse


Initial screen for the BDC program ZBDC_LS01N

This BDC program reads data from the Text File and creates the storage bins in the new warehouse in SAP.

BDC Results Report

After the BDC program is completed a report showing the results will be displayed on the screen. In this case the BDC program created a batch job in SM35 and simply displays the results from creating the batch job.


ZBDC_LS01N - Results screen after creating the SM35 batch input session

You can now run transaction code SM35 and run the batch job which will create the storage bins in the warehouse.


While creating storage bins for a new warehouse only has to be done once, it is helpful to have a BDC program that will create an entire list of storage bins quickly and efficiently. This same BDC program can then be transported to your Test system to be used during testing and eventually to your Production system to quickly create your storage bins during go-live.

Click below to download the BDC program ZBDC_LS01N – Create Storage Bins for the Warehouse.

BDC Program Description TXT RTF HTML
ZBDC_LS01N Create Storage Bins for the Warehouse TXT RTF HTML


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