BDC Program to update Material Costing from a Spreadsheet

Yearly Costing Evaluation

At the end of each year or several times through out the year, accounting departments will do costing evaluations on all materials and revise any valuations depending upon actual costs. If your company has a lot of materials to cost each year then this can become a tedious process to enter each material costing change.

The BDC Program Solution

To speed up the process of updating the costing prices and units for each material, I have written a simple BDC program that can be used to upload the new costing figures from a spreadsheet directly into the Material Master: Accounting 1 view using transaction code MM02.

BDC Program: ZBDCMR21 – Update Costing from data in Spreadsheet File

ZBDCMR21 - Initial Screen

The BDC program expects you to enter a valuation area or plant and a costing date as the selection criteria. Checking or unchecking the other options you can perform the following options.

  1. Read the Excel data but make no changes – Uncheck the “Execute BDC Changes” option and check the “Display mode option”. Note: Used primarily for testing.
  2. Execute BDC changes (Screen by Screen) – Check the Execute BDC Changes” option and check the “Display mode option”. Note: Used primarily for testing.
  3. Execute BDC changes (Large Files) – Check the “Execute BDC Changes” option.

This BDC program reads data from an Excel spreadsheet and updates the costing data in SAP. Upon executing the BDC program, you will be asked for the location of the Excel file.

The Expected Data Format of the Excel Spreadsheet

The first column of the spreadsheet must be the material number, the second column should be the material description but can be any text as long as there is something in this column in each row, and the third column must be the cost per unit.

ZBDCMR21 - Excel File

BDC Results Report

After the BDC program is completed a report showing the results will be displayed on the screen. You can now check the results by going to transaction code MM03, enter the material number, select the Accouting 1 view and make sure that the costing values have been updated.

ZBDCMR21 - Results Screen


While costing evaluations are usually done only a few times each year, this BDC program will be sure to save your accouting department many hours of work when it comes time to update this information within SAP.

Click below to download the BDC program ZBDCMR21 – Update Costing.

BDC Program Description TXT RTF HTML
ZBDCMR21 Update Costing from Excel Spreadsheet TXT RTF HTML

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