How to transport SAP Variants

SAP Variants can be created to save a reusable set of values that you can use to execute a program. You should create a Variant when you frequently run a program or report using the same selections.

Following are a variety of ways that can be used to transport a variant for a program or report to other SAP systems.

1. The very first time you transport a program, all elements of a program are transported along with the source code including any existing the variants.

2. Variants with the prefix CUS& will be automatically attach to the transport request of the report.

3. Manually add an entry to the transport for the variant you want to move. The format of the entry is LIMU VARX xxxxxxxxName_of_the_variant where xxxxxxxx is the program name.

4. Use transaction SE38 and enter the program name. Next, go to the variant screen. Use the Transport option on the Utilities menu. Choose the variants you want to transport and create or select the transport to put them in.

5. Run the SAP report RSTRANSP using SE38 and specify the programs/variants you want to transport.

Note: Additional information about Maintaining Variants can be obtained by selecting “Informationabout maintaining variants on the Utilities menu of the Variants screen of transaction SE38.

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