How to upload Open Source ABAP code into your ABAP program in SAP

Open Source ABAP Code

You can save a lot of time using open source ABAP code that is freely available from various sources on the internet including from here at Every day the amount of open source ABAP code continues to grow and it makes sense for cutting development time on any project.

So, once you find that open source ABAP code that you need for your project, how do you upload it into your SAP system? Fortunately, SAP provides a utility that will do just that, upload an external text file into an ABAP program.

Steps to Upload ABAP code into SAP

1.Use SE38 – ABAP Editor to create a new ABAP program or enter an existing ABAP program and click on the [Change] button to enter Change mode
2.Click on the menu path: Utilities –> More Utilities – Upload/Download –> Upload
3.Click on the text file that contains the ABAP code that you want to upload into SAP.
The contents of the text file will be loaded into your ABAP program replacing everything that was there originally. You can then modify and save the program like any other ABAP program. Remember that you can cut and paste code from one ABAP program to another as well if you want to include code into an existing program.

Cautionary Note

Make sure that you check any ABAP code that you upload into your system and test it completely before moving it into your Production system. While open source ABAP code can cut your development time significantly so that you don’t have to always reinvent the wheel, you also don’t want that time savings to end up costing you in some other way.

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