Locating where SAP Error messages are triggered


How many times have you run across an SAP error message only to struggle to find pit where it is occuring and why? If this issue hasn’t happened to you yet it surely will at some point. You may have even used Where-Used for messages in transaction SE91, but it it hasn’t given you any useful information.


Follow these step the next time this problem comes up and you just might find the correct SAP error information.

  1. Execute the transaction in question
  2. When the error message is displayed, look at the long text and take note of the Message Id and Message Number
  3. Create a watchpoint on the variable SY-DYNNR so that it will trigger when it has the value of the Message Number!

Make sure the Message Id is the same one and if it is, you’ve found the place where the message is first triggered.

Note: By the way, this works in both debuggers, the new one and the Classic debugger.

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