Tracking SAP transactions and ABAP report usage by User


During a recent SAP system migration to a new platform, all custom ABAP reports were reviewed to eliminate those that would not be carried forward into the new system. Most SAP systems contain reports that were once considered useful but have since been replaced or discontinued. These types of reports become candidates for removal once determined that they are no longer being used.

However, sometimes it can be very difficult to determine if a report is being used, and if so, then by whom and how often. SAP provides a way to determine which reports are being used and by whom.

Introducing transaction ST03N – Workload Monitor

ST03N - Workload Monitor

You can look at data consolidated by day, week or month. SAP keeps this data for three months after which it is discarded.

ST03N - Workload in System

Follow these easy steps to get the data you need.

1. Double-click on the SAP server and then select the time period desired. In this case I have selected by Month 11/2011.
2. Then click on the Transaction Profile under Analysis Views and select “Standard”.
3. Click on the column heading “Report or Transaction Name” on the right side of the screen and then click on the sort icon to sort the list of transactions alphabetically.

ST03N - Workload in System (Transaction Profile - Standard)

The List of Users

Finally, if you double-click on one of the transaction codes in the list, it will present a list of users that have used this transaction during the period selected.

ST03N - Workload in System (Transaction Profile - Standard) User to Transaction

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