Where can I find a complete list of SAP transaction codes?

SAP Transaction Codes

SAP is a very large system with various modules that interconnect with each other. In my current SAP system there are over 150,000 transaction codes in the entire system. This number will vary depending upon the modules that you are using within SAP.

Miscellaneous lists of SAP Transaction Codes

You can find various lists of SAP transaction codes on the internet and through various consulting firms. These lists vary widely and some are more complete than others. You will find that there are many lists that have been passed around from person to person and from one organization to another.

However, there is only one sure way to find the complete list of SAP transaction codes and that is to find them directly within the SAP system. Like everything else in SAP, there is a table that contains all of the transaction codes that exist in the system. You can review this table and do searches for specific transactions by knowing the table name and then searching the table.

What SAP table contains all SAP transaction codes?

TSTC SAP Transaction Codes
TSTCT Transaction Code Texts

TSTC is the SAP table that contains all of the SAP transaction codes in the system. This table also contains the program name and screen number associated with each transaction code.

SE12 - TSTC Table

The TSTCT table, on the other hand, is designed to handle the different Transaction Text descriptions for each language. Thus the same transaction code can appear multiple times in the TSTCT table with various language descriptions.

SE12 - TSTCT Table

Searching for SAP Transaction Codes

Use transaction code SE16 – Data Browser to search these tables for specific transaction codes that are of interest to you. First start by searching the TSTCT table using the Transaction Text field. Later, if you want to find out what the program name is for a specific transaction code then look for it in the TSTC table.

SE16 - TSTCT Table

When searching in the TSTCT table make sure that you narrow the number of transaction codes down by entering your specific language key in the SPRSL field.

SE16 - TSTCT Table Search

It is also important to remember that SAP is case sensitive when searching in the text description field. You many have to search both upper, lower and mixed case for text descriptions.

SE16 - TSTCT Table Search Results

Custom SAP Transaction Codes

Custom transaction codes usually begin with the letter Z. Thus, searching for Z* in the TCODE field will show you all of the transaction codes that have been created specifically for your SAP installation.

Commonly Used SAP Transaction Codes

You will find that these SAP tables contain many transaction code variations for some transactions and it can be tedious searching through these tables to find the transaction codes that are used most often. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the transaction codes that seem to be used most often and can be found at the links below.

SAP transaction codes for BASIS Administrators

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