ABAP Tutorials and Articles

Articles and tutorials for people just starting to use ABAP. These are just starting points for various topics. You may also wish to read our articles on designing ABAP reports.

Transaction Codes

Writing BDC programs using ABAP

ABAP Debugger

Migrating legacy data into SAP

Misc Articles

Reference Material

We recommend that you take a look at the following reference materials. You can get more detailed information about SAP ABAP here.

You can get a more detailed information about SAP ABAP programming by checking out the SAP Press book entitled Discover ABAP by Karl-Heinz Kühnhauser.

In this book you will find a wealth of information relating to SAP ABAP programming with detailed information to answer you ABAP questions.

You will also find information on ABAP and Getting Started with the SAP System, Data Dictionary, Programming in the ABAP Editor, Fields and Calculations, Modifying Character Strings, Debugging Programs, Modifying Transparent Database Tables, Calculating Dates, Times, Quantities and Currencies, Modifying Data in a Database Table, Program Flow Control and Logical Expressions, Selection Screens, Internal Tables, Modularizing Programs etc.

Following are additional books on SAP ABAP that will fill out your reference library.


ABAP Basics


ABAP Objects – Einführung in die SAP-Programmierung, mit 2 CDs


The Official ABAP Reference


The ABAP Quick Reference

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