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Welcome to SAP-Advisor.com. Here you will find a extensive collection of SAP resources including a selection of articles, tutorials and programs that focus specifically on the SAP/ERP system.

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SAP-Advisor.com provides a library of articles, tutorials and programming examples on a wide range of SAP topics from SAP ABAP and BASIS to SAPScript and SmartForms. A more complete list can be found in the Site Map.

Who We Are:

SAP-Advisor.com is owned and operated by Wayne Lytle who is one of the authors publishing articles relating to the SAP ERP system. In the spirit of helping others by sharing useful information we hope to promote best practices for implementation, configuration and maintenance of SAP systems.

What You Can Do:

We invite others in the SAP community to share their ideas and lessons learned on how to work with the SAP architecture and systems. As an open forum you can contribute articles and comments that add to the knowledge base available at SAP-Advisor.com.

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