AIX 5L Basics (Unit 01) – Introduction to AIX

File Systems:
/usr – commands
/var – variable (printing, mail, logs – varies in size)
/tmp – temporary storage for everyone (main job to be a buffer)
/opt – optional
/home – Every user has own home directory (Store user data)
/proc – Virtual File System (Processes in memory)

Note: In AIX everything is a file

Hardware – Kernel – Shell – User – File System – Process Data

Graphical Interfaces:
AIXWindows (AIX Only)
CDE – Common Desktop Environment (All Unix Systems)

Command Format: command option(s) argument(s)
mail -f newmail

passwd – change your own password
ls – list file in the system
ls -l – long file list
ls -l -a -R (multiple options possible – space, dash, option)
ls -laR (multiple options possible with no spaces)
ls -l /usr /var (multiple arguments possible with spaces)

banner Hello – Large Characters
du – disk usage
df – free disk space

cntl-s – stop scrolling
cntl-q – continue scrolling

who – who is on the system
who am i – Find who you are (when you logged on the system)
whoami – Find who you are (right now)
finger wltest (Display info about users logged on – /home/wltest/.plan)
Create a .plan file in the user’s home directory will be displayed when executing the finger command.

su root – switch users

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