AIX 5L Basics (Unit 02) – Using The System

To Send Mail:
mail wltest
Subject: …..


Check Mail:
$ mail
? – Get Help
t# – to open message #
d – to delete
q – quit
m – forward
r – reply

/var/spool/mail/wltest – mail kept temporarily here
/home/wltest/mbox – mail moved to home directory if not deleted

write wltest – Sends to the screen being sent to.
wall message – Everyone sees the message (Usually only root permissions)
talk wltest – Instant messaging (cntl-d) to end session
mesg (n) Refuses messages, (y) – Permits messages (Only for current session unless added to /home/wltest/.profile

Backspace – Correct mistakes
ctrl-c – Terminate current command, return to shell
ctrl-d – End of transmission or end of file
ctrl-s – Stop output
ctrl-q – Resumes output
ctrl-u – Erase the entire line

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