AIX 5L Basics (Unit 03) – AIX Documentation

Note: the on-line documentation is available on the internet and is easier to navigate than using the “man” command.

1. man – manual (commands, subroutines, files)
2. web-based 5.1, 5.2 – Easier to use, More complete

man who – show documentation for the “who” command

Note: It is more difficult to use the man command because of scrolling issues. However, you can use ctrl-b to move backwards in the file.

[ ] – options
{ } – mandatory fields

man -k keyword – Look for single line descriptions in manual using keyword

Navigation in man:
space – move forward one page
Enter – move forward one line
ctrl-b – move backwards one page
ctrl-c or q – quit

docsearch – Documentation Server/Documentation Clients
1. startx – Start AIX Windows ($ prompt)
2. docserch or netscape – then enter hostname/cgi/bin/ds_form

Ctrl-Alt-Backspace – Leave the graphical interface

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