AIX 5L SysAdmin I: (Unit 02, Part 1) – System Management Tools and Documentation

AIX Administration:
smit – System Mangement Interface Tool
Web-based System Manager
High-Level Commands
Low-Level Commands & Intermediate-Level Commands

ODM – Object Data Manager for smit

smit [-options] [ FastPath ]
smitty – Invoke Ascii version (tty – ascii terminal)
smit -x – Run no high-level commands (Useful when writing script files, can then take the code from the smit.script file and put it into your script)
smit -s /home/wltest/smit.script – Redirect the script file (any file name)
smit -l /home/wltest/smit.log – Redirect the log file (any file name)

* – require field
/ – requires a path
# – requires a number
[ ] – Type in configuration information
+ – F4 List available

smit Function Keys:
F1 = Help
F2 = Refresh
F3 = Cancel
F4 = List (Only available on fields with a + sign)
F5 = Reset
F6 = Command (Displays the command line syntax)
F7 = Edit (Changes depending on screen)
F8 = Image (Changes depending on screen) (Shows the Fast Pathname)
F9 = Shell (Temporarily go out to the shell)
F10 = Exit
Enter = Do (Execute the command)

Output Screen:
Command result: OK
stdout: yes
stderr: no
/ = Find
n = Find Next

Note: If telneting in to a system from a PC the function keys will be controlled by the PC not the AIX system. To simulate using the function keys use the following: F1 = Esc 1, F2 = Esc 2 …

$HOME/smit.log – audit log entries – Keeps a log of all menu and dialog screens visited, all commands executed and their output. Also records any errors during the smit session.

$HOME/smit.script – list of commands – Shell script containing all AIX commands executed by smit

Note: If you are logged on as root these files will be in the / root directory. If you su in to root without the – dash, then the files will be stored in the users home directory. These two files can become quite large and need to be cleaned up so that they do not fill up the file system.

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