AIX 5L SysAdmin I: (Unit 02, Part 2) – System Management and Documentation

Install and setup a web server to setup Documentation Server. This documentation needs a browser for viewing.

Configuring AIX V5.1 Online Documentation:
1. Configure TCP/IP
2. Install the Web server software
3. Configure and start the Web server software
4. Install the Web browser software
5. Install or mount the AIX documentation
6. Configure the Documentation Library Service

To setup and configure the documentation:
smit web_configure (smit fastpath)

Note: Instead of the documentation being setup this way AllanB uses the documentation that is available on the IBM website.

Web-based System Manager:
To logon and manage a remote system from a PC or other AIX system.

# wsm

PC -Browser

From AIX client:
# wsm -host

Configuring Client/Server WebSM
1. Install the Web server
2. Test the Web server
3. Install WebSM (usually done by default with the base)
4. Define the Web server document directory

# /usr/websm/bin/wsmappletcfg -docdir directory

Enable WebSM server
# /usr/websm/bin/wsmserver -enable

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