AIX 5L SysAdmin I: (Unit 03) – System Startup and Shutdown

Startup Modes:

1. Normal Mode:
Login prompt
All processes running
Multi-user mode or Productivity mode

2. System Management Services (SMS) Mode:
Runs from FIRMWARE
Sets boot list

3. Maintenance Mode:
Maintenance menu
Recover root password
Fix machine that won’t boot
Service mode or single-user mode

4. Diagnostics Mode:
AIX Diagnostics

Starting System Management Services (SMS):
Power on the system (not AIX)
Press F1 when icons appear and tones sound
Buttons – Config, Boot, Utilities, Exit

PCI RS/6000 Start Up Process Overview:
POST – Power On Self Test
Locate OS Bootstrap Image
Find AIX Boot Image (Logical Volume)
Load AIX Boot Image
RAMDISK created
Configuration Manager Phase 1
Normal IPL

AIX Startup on Itanium-based Systems:
Hardware Initialization – ROS
Low level configuration – SMS/bootlist
Load boot image – ROS/SOFTROS & BLV
AIX initialization

alog – AIX Log:
User Applications
Boot Process
Install Process

# alog -o -t boot (To view the boot log:)
-o – open
-t – type

Note: The boot logs are regenerated at each boot up.

/etc/inittab: – First process started is – init pid(1)
init – PID = 1 (Consistant process id)

File format – id:runlevel:action:command

off, once, wait or respawn

SRC – System Resource Controller:
Provides a single interface to control deamons or subsystems
Controls individual or groups of subsystems

Subsystem group –> spooler
Subsystem –> qdaemon, writesrv, lpd
Subserver –> qdaemon, writesrv, lpd

SRC Syntax:
lssrc -a – list all subsystems and the groups they are in

lssrc -g spooler (List SRC Status)
startsrc -s lpd (Start a subsystem)
refresh -s lpd (Refresh a subsystem)
stopsrc -s lpd (Stop a subsystem)

Note: Not all deamons are controlled by the SRC.
ps -ef (ps means process status, -e means every process, -f means full listing)
# kill 9345 – For process not started by srcmstr
# stopscr -s qdaemon – For processes started by SRC

/usr/sbin/srcmstr – must be running to use the above commands

System Shutdown:
1. Gracefully stops all activity on the system and advises all logged on users.
2. Warns users of an impending shutdown

shutdown +2 The system will be down until 3am
+2 – two minute delay, the default is 1 minute

-m – maintenance mode (single user)
-F – fast shut down
-r – reboot
-t – specify time to reboot
-k – kidding, message to get users off the system but won’t shut the system down (create etc/nologin file so the users can’t login while doing maintenance)

Manage the System Environment:
# smit system
Stop the system
Assign the Console
Change/Show Date and Time
Manage Language Environment

shutdown -m (shut down in maintenance mode)
telinit 2 – Go to run level 2 (Multi-user or normal mode)

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