AIX 5L SysAdmin II: (Unit 09) – Diagnostics

Q: What is the best diagnostic mode to use?
A: It really depends on your environment. Ideally, the stand-alone mode is the mode that will allow you the most thorough checking. However, you will need to take your machine down to do this type of checking. If taking your machine off-line is not an option, then you will need to rely on the other modes
Q: On my PCI machine, I’ve tried to run “diag” but it gives me a message that the machine doesn’t support daignostics. Does this mean there is no way to test devices on my machine?
A: No, you can still test devices, but you don’t use the “diag” command. You must boot your PCI machine into the system management services programs. In the SMS menu, you will find a selection to test the machine.

Q: What is the difference between System Verification and Problem Determination?
A: System Verification does not analyze the error logs. Problem Determiniation will.

Q: Analyzing the error log does not sound like a good feature with Problem Determination. Why wouldn’t I want to use it?
A: Generally speaking, it is best to use Problem Determination. However, if you have a failing device that is generating error messages and you replace it, but you do not remove the corresponding error messages, you don’t want your diagnostics routine reviewing the error logs. The errors it would see would be related to old failing device that you ahve already replaced.

Q: After running the SMS program diagnostics, why don’t I see that information in the AIX error logs?
A: SMS programs are not a part of AIX. They are? a part of hardware. When SMS programs run, AIX is not yet loaded. Therefore, AIX doesn’t know anything about SMS

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