BASIS Administration Tutorials and Articles

SAP Articles and tutorials that focus on BASIS administration. Unless mentioned otherwise, Articles found here assume a platform consisting of SAP running on an Oracle database on an IBM AIX operating system.

Transaction Codes

SAP transaction codes for BASIS Administrators
Where can I find a complete list of SAP transaction codes?

Recovering from System Errors

How to quickly recover when the SAP archive directory fills up
How to reset SAP* after being locked out of the system
How to recover when the SAP spool is full
What to do when you experience SAP Paging Space errors
Making emergency changes to the SAP Factory Calendar

Printers and Print Queues

Printing from different printer trays in SAP
How to recover when the SAP spool is full

Reference Material

We recommend that you take a look at the following reference materials. You can get more detailed information about SAP BASIS here.

You can get a more detailed information about SAP R/3 System Administration by checking out the SAP Press book entitled SAP R/3 System Administration: The Official SAP Guide
by Sigrid Hagemann and Liane Will.

In this book you will find a wealth of information relating to SAP R/3 Systems Administration with detailed information to answer complex BASIS Admin questions.

You will also find information on Technical Realization of Client/Server Architecture, Starting and Stopping SAP, Service and Support, Installation Concepts, Setting Up the System Landscape, Software Logistics, Client Administration, R/3 Users and Authorizations, Background Processing, Output Configuration and Management, Data Archiving, Data Distribution and Transfer, Maintaining Instances and System Monitoring.

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