How to recover when the SAP archive directory fills up


As the SAP database creates archive files the /oracle/PRD/saparch file space continues to fill up. Normally these files are removed automatically after a backup is performed each night.

However, if by chance the directory space fills up, SAP will stop running until space is made available.

Correcting the Problem:

There are two options available to correct this type of problem and get you SAP system back up and running quickly.

1. Add additional space to the saparch directory

If you have extra disk space available on your system, quickly add some fo this disk space to the /saparch directory. This will give SAP the required space to keep writing out redo log files and SAP will begin running again.

2. Temporarily Move Archive Files

You can temporarily move some of the older archive files to another location either on your current system or on another system in order to free up space for SAP to continue running.

To move some of the archive files to another location make sure that you have some available disk space to which to move the files. Create a temporary directory such as /tmparch and then move some of the files to this directory.

cd /oracle/PRD/saparch
ls - display the archive files
mv PRDarch1_7*.dbf /oracle/PRD/tmparch

Backup Issues after moving Archive Files

Obviously there will be backup problems because SAP will not be able to find the archive files that have been moved. Make sure that you back these files up separately or keep them until you get a good full off-line backup of your SAP system.

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