Making emergency changes to the SAP Factory Calendar


SAP provides a Factory Calendar which is used to schedule work days and holidays for the entire business. This allows the system to know when specific batch processes will be executed and provide for normal business operations.

Holiday Changes

Some holidays are scheduled on the same day each year such as Thanksgiving which will always be the 4th Thursday of each November. However, other holidays are scheduled on the dame date each year such as Christmas which is always on December 25th. Thus the day of the week will change each year with Christmas falling on any day of the week Sunday through Saturday.

While SAP handles most of these situations well, there are times when a special situation needs to be added to the factory calendar either as a work day or as a holiday. When a day arrives when everyone in the company shows up for work but SAP thinks that it is a holiday, you will be scrambling to make changes so that everyone can get to work.

A Specific Example of Company Holiday Changes

Take for instance the fact that many companies originally designated President’s Day as a company holiday. However, more recently many companies are selecting Martin Luther King Jr Day as a company holiday instead.

Making SAP Factory Calendar Changes

There is a quick way to adjust the SAP Factory Calendar so that you can get everyone working as soon as possible.

  1. Use transaction Code: SCAL – SAP Calendar: Main Menu in your DEV system.
  2. Select the [Factory calendar] option and click the change icon.
  3. Double-click on the your factory calendar which will take you to the Change Factory Calendar: Details screen.
  4. Click on the [Special Rules] button which displays the Change Factory Calendar: Special Rules screen
  5. Click on the [Create] icon and enter in the From Date: 02/15/2010 and the To Date: 02/15/2010. Also check the [Workday] box and enter in a Text description for this special rule.
  6. Click the [Create] button to finish creating the special rule.
  7. Click the [Save ] button to save the special rule changes and then press the [Save] button again to save the changes to the factory calendar you selected.
  8. Click on the [Transport] icon on the SAP Calendar: Main Menu to create a change request. Release the request and then transport it to your other systems.

Determine which Batch Jobs need to be started

Now that you have the new SAP Factory Calendar rule created, you must also make sure that all of the necessary batch processes are running. These background processes will not necessarily start automatically.

  1. Use Transaction Code: SM37 – Schedule Background Job
  2. Compare the background jobs from the previous business day with those currently running.
  3. Enter an asterick * in both the Job name and the User name fields and check all of the Job status fields.
  4. Execute the transaction to show a list of background jobs that ran the previous business day.

This will help you determine which batch jobs are not currently running.

Repeat Scheduling of Batch Jobs

 When you determine which background jobs need to be restarted use the following steps.

  1. Click on the Checkbox next to the background job that needs to be restarted.
  2. Click on the Job –> Repeat Scheduling menu option
  3. Enter today’s date in the Schedule start date field and a future time in the Time field.
  4. Verify that Periodic jobs have the same Period Values and Restrictions as run the previous day.
  5. Press the [Check] button to verify that there are no problems with the new schedule information
  6. Press the [Save] button to save the job which will start when the specified time comes.

If your SAP system is running on physical hardware is located in a different time zone you will get an error message stating that the “Start date is in the past” unless you enter a time corresponding to the server time zone.

Note: If there is more than one Factory Calendar being used in your SAP system, make sure that the appropriate changes are made to each one. For example, various batch jobs may use different SAP Factory Calendars so make sure you check which Calendar is being used.


Of course, you will want to go back and make permanent changes to your SAP Factory Calendar so that it correctly reflects your company holidays. This will prevent you having to make adjustments to the factory calendar while everyone is waiting to go to work.
However, it can be quite handy to quickly add a special rule and restart the batch jobs in order to get your company back up and running as quickly as possible.

SAP Notes

You can find more information about the SAP Factory Calendar, how it is used and how it can be configured by checking out SAPNotes: 501670, 538344.

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