Printing from different printer trays in SAP


There are times when you need to be able to print two or more SAP documents on the same printer but from specific paper trays using different paper stock. While at first this might seem like a real challenge, it is really quite simple to implement.

A Real World Application

One application of this would be for the following real world senario. Suppose that you only have one printer on a packing station but you really need to print two different types of SAP documents from that printer. The first document is a customer invoice which needs to be printed on preprinted paper stock that has your legal jargon on the back. The second document is a simple Packing Slip that can be printed on standard pain paper.

Implementation Steps

This can easily be accomplished by following these simple steps outlined below.

1. Use transaction code SPAD to create two separate output devices in SAP for each physical printer. Use the first one (LN1) for printing invoices and the second one (LNP1) to print packing slips.

SPAD - List Output Devices

2. Point both output devices (LN1) and (LNP1) to the same host printer (lane1).  This is done in the Access Method tab as shown in the screen shot below. Of course, you will need to set up this print queue so that it is available in your operating system.

SPAD - Access Method (Host Printer)

3. In the Output Attributes tab, select Paper Tray 2 for output device (LN1) which will be used to print the customer invoice document. For output device (LNP1), select paper tray 3 which will be used to print Packing Slips on regular paper.

SPAD - Output Attributes (Paper Tray)

Again on the Tray Info tab, check the correct paper tray for each output device (tray 2 for Invoices on output device (LN1) and tray 3 for Packing Slips on output device (LNP1).

SPAD - LN1 Paper Tray 2

4. Make sure that you configure your SAP documents so that they print to the correct output devices (LN1) for invoices and (LNP1) for packing slips.


As you can see, it is really quite simple to print documents from different paper trays on most printers. Doing so can help cut down on the number of printers that you will need to purchase which will also minimize the amount of physical space requried for printer needs.

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