How SAP Central Address Management (CAM) works in SmartForms

New Article: 23 Feb 2010 – How SAP Central Address Management (CAM) works in SmartForms, Introduction, The SAP Address Solution, SAP SmartForms – Address Node, Address Types, Multiple Phone and Fax Numbers, Business Address Services (BAS), Identifying and Retrieving Specific Numbers, Example SmartForm ABAP Code, Conclusion, Reference Material

What SAP certified electronic payment processing options are available?

08 July 2009 – New article: What SAP certified payment card processing options are available? What are the PCI payment standards all about? What is encyrption and tokenization all about? What is the difference between On-site and Hosted solutions. What do companies need to do to protect their customer payment information. Three companies that offer SAP certified credit card processing solutions.