SAP-Advisor.com abides by strict anti-spam and privacy policies. You can read them by clicking on the policy descriptions below.

Email Use or No Spam Policy

This page outlines SAP-Advisor.com‘s policy concerning the sending of unsolicited email (usually referred to as “spam”).

What will you use my email address for?

SAP-Advisor.com does not store any email addresses that you enter into its website, nor does it send them to anyone else. Most of the information and articles are free and do not require any email address to be entered at all. If it is requested by SAP-Advisor.com, it is for the purpose of providing a way for us to respond to your questions and comments.

Thus, if you write to us using this site’s contact form, you will also be asked to enter your email address. Other than for the purpose of replying to your messages, that email address will not be used at all.

We hold to a very strict no spam policy, since we are very much against spam ourselves.


Privacy Policy

This section outlines SAP-Advisor.com‘s policy concerning your privacy when you surf on SAP-Advisor.com 

1. What sort of information is requested from me on this site?

If you chose to ask questions or submit comments to us regarding articles and information on this site, you will be asked to supply your email address so that we can respond to your request.

2. What is done with my email address?

SAP-Advisor.com does not store email addresses that you enter into the site, nor does it send it to anyone else.

3. What is done with the information collected by SAP-Advisor.com?

If you use a third party service that the site links to, you will have to check up their privacy policy yourself. SAP-Advisor does not have any control over those third party services. Any links to third party websites are supplied as a convenience and service to you. Use them at your own risk.

4. Do you sell my email address to any third party?

No. Your email address is not even stored anywhere, let alone sold or given to anyone else.

5. Do you store cookies in my web browser?

SAP-Advisor.com itself does not use cookies on its pages. However, some of the site’s sponsors may use cookies in the course of serving advertisements.

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