How to add a picture to the SAP main menu

Customizing the SAP Main Menu Screen

There are times when companies have asked about customizing the SAP screens so that they represent their company in some way by adding a company logo, reminders, goals, mission statements or some other image.

Follow these simple steps to customize the appearance of your SAP system by adding or changing pictures on the SAP main menu.

Remember that all image files must be in the .GIF file format to be uploaded into SAP.

Step #1 – Upload your image to SAP

Use transaction SMW0 – SAP Web Repository. To upload your images into SAP, select the option “Binary data for WebRFC applications” and execute.

SMW0 - SAP Web Repository

Create a new object (Package = ZPRG, Object = ZImageName, Description), then choose to [Import] button.

Specify the path to the .gif object you want to import, and select the option to
SMW0 - Web Repository Obj Selection

Step #2 – Assign the image as the start image

Use transaction SM30 – Maintain Table Views

Enter Table/View: SSM_CUST – Set Values for the Session Manager/Profile Generator

Click on the [Maintain] button to make changes

SM30 - Maintain Table Views

Change the START_IMAGE field to your uploaded object name.

SM30 - Maintain Table Views (SSM_CUST)

Other Options:

There are several other options that can be set from this screen including the option to resize the image and to hide the image.

HIDE_START_IMAGE – Change this value to hide the start image

RESIZE_IMAGE – Alter this value to resize the image automatically

Transporting Changes

Of course, you can transport your changes to other systems in your SAP landscape using the [Transport] option. However, you must follow the steps above to upload your image into each system.

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