How to reorder SAP header text types in Sales Order entry


“I am requesting that the Text Type “Invoice External Notes” be moved up to the top of the list. It’s the one we use 99% of the time, and it would be so much easier for us to have it at the top, so we don’t have to scroll down to access it each time…”

As stated in this ticket request, sometimes there is a substantial list of standard header text types on the Sales Order entry screen. The list of standard header text types provided with SAP along with any custom text types that have been added can make it tedious when trying to find the correct text type when entering an order in SAP.

Reordering Header Text Types

There is a simple way to reorder these texts so that those that are used most often appear at the top of the list. This will help to minimize the amount of time spent scrolling through the list by those that enter orders all day.

You can view the current list of header text types by using transaction “VA01 – Create Sales Orders”. Click on the icon to “Display doc. header details”. Then click on the [Texts] tab to view the list of header text types.

VA01 - Create Sales Order (Header Texts)

Customizing Text Determination

To customize the list of header text types use transaction VOTXN – Customizing Text Determination and select the Sales Document (Header) option.

VOTXN - Customizing Text Determination

Select the appropriate Textprocedure and double-click on the [Text ID’s in Textprocedure] line in the Dialog Structure on the left.

VOTXN - Display View TxtDetProc Sales Doc Header

Sequence numbers for Text ID’s in Textprocedure

At this point you will see the list of the available text types for the Sales Document Header and the associated Text Determination Procedure. Now reassign each Text Type a new sequence number until they are in the desired order.

VOTXN - Text IDs in Text Determination

Saving the changes will create a transport which can be moved to the other systems in your landscape. Always rememeber to test the changes in your development and quality systems before moving them into your production system.

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