Spool Request – Page Display Limitations


SAP sets a limit on the number of pages that can be displayed in the Spool. Users by default are not be able to display more than 10 pages at a time. If a Spool request does contain more than 10 pages they will get the following message:

Only page 1 to page 10 of 12 displayed.

Fortunately, this default value can be increased by changing the settings within this transaction.

Transaction: SP01 – Output controller: Spool request selection screen

To increase/decrease the display area, choose menu: “Goto -> Request Display -> Settings”.

In the Display area, change the To page value to the desired value. You can save the changes to this setting either temporarily for this transaction, temporarily for the session, or Permanently even between logons.

Note: Increasing this setting will use more main memory and may cause the transaction to terminate.

Spool Request - Page Display Limitations



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